Evolver Wave Dump Utility


What is it ?

An application for Windows or Mac OS X that provides a simple way to load custom single-cycle waveforms into the Evolver via MIDI.

The documentation is here :


... or check out the 'Cheat Sheet' for a quick overview of operation :


Where can I get it ?

You can download a zip file containing the Windows version of the program and the documentation from here :


... or a Mac OS X version from here :

http://daz.korgforums.com/evo_wave_dump.dmg     PowerPC version 1.1
http://daz.korgforums.com/evo_wave_dump_ub.dmg     Universal Binary/Intel version 1.2

What's the latest version ?

The latest versions are 1.3 (Windows), 1.1 (Mac OS X PowerPC) and 1.2 (Mac OS X Universal Binary), check in the About ... box to see if you have it. If not download the latest build using the link above.

Darren Richards - October 2004

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