Evolver Wave Dump - Darren Richards 2004

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This application provides a simple way to load custom single-cycle waveform that you've designed using a wave editor into the Evolver via MIDI. Mac OS X and Windows version are available.


The application is straightforward to use and intended to make the sound design process simple ...


A great (and cheap!) way to create interesting wave forms is to use the 'Formula Wave Shaper' function in EZ-Editor available from http://www.ez-editor.com/ .

In the Windows version 1.1 I've added the ability to import wav files longer than 128 samples. If the file is longer than 128 samples then it is downsampled (in a quick and dirty crude fashion) and you will see a small red '*' in the wave display warning you that I've messed with your waveform ;-) For best results always use a 128 sample length file ... this feature is just for fun. (This feature is also included in the Mac OS X 1.0 version)

In the Windows version 1.2 you can double click on the waveshape display and do some simple editing, tweaking the wave shape with the mouse and normalizing the waveform. This feature is not available in the Mac OS X version or when running Windows 98.

Windows version 1.3 adds compatibility for Windows 98 and Mac OS X version 1.1 fixes a silly bug that scrambled the wave before sysex sending.

Mac OS X version 1.2 is a Universal Binary for Intel Mac based users. (21st May 2009)

Darren Richards - October 2004